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Cooltour VR (Cardboard)


CooltourCulture Driven by Virtual Reality
With Cooltour you bring the most suggestive Italian locations to your home.
Cooltour use new technologies in the field of 360° photo and VR to offer an immersive experience able to catapult you into some of the most fascinating locations of Italian artistic and cultural heritage.
- Immersive VR- Photo 360° view- 10 different locations in Rome (soon many more from other beautiful cities)- Cardboard optimized
How to use:
1. Standard Visualization: Don’t you have a cardboard? Do not worry, you can use Cooltour also in a standard modality.
2. Full Immersive Experience: to live a full immersive experience use your Cardboard and…. enjoy the awesomeness!
Minimum system requirements:
Android Version 2.3.1
Note: the latest generation smartphones will give you best results!
What is a Cardboard?
Cardboard is a lowcost VR viewer that transforms your smartphone in a VR Headset.
Do you want your Cooltour Cardboard? Here you can buy it:
If you have an idea for a VR mobile application and you want to develop it, please contact us!